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Hindi Devotional Movie Mahabali Hanuman (1981). Starring : Rakesh Pandey, Kavita Kiran, S.N. Tripathi, Anjana Mumtaz, Hercules. Producer : Homi Wadia Director : Babubhai Mistri Synopsis: When childless Anjani prayed to Shiva to give her a son, he must have been listening because nine months and a visit from Marut, the God of Wind later, she delivers one -- the young deity Hanuman. As a child Hanuman mischievously tried to swallow the sun, thinking it was a fruit. When he is smote for his unwitting trespass by Indra, king of the Gods, he lays lifeless, only to be resurrected and granted gifts by an assemblage of gods. These gifts along with his own virtues earn him the title of Mahabali, or The Mighty One. His life is the subject of this film, which focuses on both his childhood exploits and adult adventures

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