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Superhit Hindi Movie Iski Topi Uske Sarr (1998) Starring: Sharad Kapoor, Mukul Dev, Divya Dutta, Tina, Rubina, Aruna Irani, Johnny Lever, Prem Chopra. Producer: Nitin Mavani, Director: Raju Mavani Synopsis: Kind-hearted Gayetri takes in three orphans, two boys and a deaf girl. The two boys, Raj, and Jai Malhotra are petty thieves and conmen. Their shenanigans leads them to double-cross underworld Don, Udham Singh. Udham Singh sends his powerful and ruthless brother, Bukamph Singh to bring the two to him alive. The two are on the run, and meet with two young ladies, Milli and Radha. Milli helps them elude Bukamph Singh, but the two brothers will soon find out that Milli has an agenda of her own; And there is a mysterious person, unknown to Raj and Jai, who is stalking them; and there is the man who will come forward and identify himself as the husband of Gayetri.

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