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Marathi Movie Gondya Martay Tangda (2008) Starring : Bharat Jadhav, Ramesh Bhatkar Pradnya Jadhav, Nisha Parulekar, Prema Kiran, Ravindra Berde. Producer: Sushilkumar Agrawal, Director: Pitambar Kale, Synopsis: A village coward (Jadhav) is made fun of and ridiculed by everyone around him, much to his mothers chagrin. To rid him of his fear and stop all ridicule, she gets him a job of a graveyard keeper. With fear and trepidation, he mans the graveyard, only to come face to face with 3 ghosts. Ramesh Bhatkar and Pradnya Jadhav also star alongside Bharat Jadhav, in this comedy flick directed by Pitambar Kale.

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