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Hindi Action Movie Barood (1976) Bollywood Action Movie Starring: Rishi Kapoor, Reena Roy, Ashok Kumar, Shoma Anand, Prem Chopra, Ajit, Asrani. Director: Pramod Chakravorty Producer: J.C. Bhagat, H.S. Bhattacharya, Jitu Thakar Synopsis: Young Anup Saxena lives a middle-classed lifestyle along with his widower dad, Durgaprasad, who works as a Police Inspector. Anup's life is turned upside down when he witnesses four men assault and kill his father. He spends the rest of his childhood acquiring money and athletic ability to avenge his father's death - a decision that will take him to Las Vegas, New York, Geneva, Madrid and Paris - where he will find his life threatened by his father's assailants as well as a New York-based detective who is determined to arrest him at any costs.

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